RMS-TM (C/C++)

RMS-TM (C/C++)
RMS-TM is a Transactional Memory (TM) benchmark suite that includes selected applications from the Recognition, Mining and Synthesis (RMS) domain. We choose to work with RMS applications, because these applications have strong relevance to mainstream workloads, and they are proposed as good workloads to evaluate future multi- and many-core systems.  

RMS-TM applications feature important properties that make them promising candidates as TM workloads, such as providing both lock-based and TM-based implementations, nested transactions, I/O, system calls and complex function calls inside transactions, and a wide range of transactional characteristics.

Currently the RMS-TM applications can be compiled and executed using the prototype version of the Transactional Memory branch of GNU Compiler Collection (GCC-TM), the Dresden TM Compiler (DTMC), the Intel STM compiler 4.0 and the hybrid TM mechanism (HyTM) based on AMD’s Advanced Synchronization Facility (ASF) proposal.
VELOX Release Download Release Date
Release 3 21.02.2011
Release 2 01.09.2010
Release 2 21.11.2010