Release 3 of the VELOX Integrated Stack available for download


The latest version of the fully integrated VELOX Stack is now available for download at This release showcases VELOX C and C++ Applications such as RMS-TM C/C++ and STMBench7 C++ (among others) running on VELOX System Software including DTMC and gcc-tm Compilers, the TMdietlibc library and the TinySTM Runtime on VELOX Hardware Simulators (Hybrid TM: PTLsim-ASF and Hardware TM: PTLsim-MM).  It also offers VELOX Java Applications (STMBench7 Java, TMBean) running on VELOX System Software, the Java Compiler and Runtime, TMjava and Deuce.  Finally, it includes the next release of the FPGA, upon which users can now run with one of the benchmarks the VELOX RMS-TM application (ScalParC).