First version of VELOX FPGA-based TM emulation framework, Beefarm, released


Beefarm is an FPGA-based multiprocessor system-on-chip that can emulate an arbitrary number of MIPS R3000 processors through a ring bus. Using FPGAs, real hardware can be emulated to test software and hardware components from the VELOX Stack. This open-source release of the Beefarm FPGA implementation for Transactional Memory (TM) serves as a prototyping platform for researchers working in TM and will demonstrate proof-of-concept for Hardware Transactional Memory (HTM) implementation.

For example, this VELOX FPGA release can run Software Transactional Memory (STM) applications using the VELOX Runtime library, TinySTM. In future releases, hardware transactional memory (HTM) support will be added to help with emulating HTM systems, like ASF-TM, along with a floating point unit to alow the execution of the C benchmarks from the VELOX RMS-TM Applications suite.

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